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How Are Wheelie Bins Made

How Are Wheelie Bins Made?

Production of Two Wheel Bins

Two wheel wheelie bins are actually very simple to manufacture.  The main components are the body and the lid. These are formed by injection molding. All that is then required is to fasten the lid to the body hinge and mount a metal axle with two rubber wheels on the bottom of the wheelie bin.


Production of Four Wheel Bins

Four wheel wheelie bins are slightly more complicated to manufacture, particularly 1100 litre models with roll top lids, however the same injection molding technology is used (with the exception of metal bodied four wheel bins).

Durability & Resistence To Environmental Damage

Plastic wheelie bins are designed to provide strength as well as resistance to damage from chemicals or other waste contained within them. In addition the better brands of wheelie bin are designed to be UV resistant ensuring that their colours are not bleached by the sun resulting in a dull tarnished appearance.


UK & European Production Standards For Wheelie Bins

In the United Kingdom the manufacture and supply of wheelie bins is subject to European Standards EN840156 (2 wheel ) and EN840256 (4 wheel) British Standard BS EN 8401 and 2.

Wheelie bins are manufactured throughout the world and sometimes inferior quality bins manufactured in the Far East are imported and solid in the United Kingdom. Some of these products off err poor value for money as they suffer from design defects such as poor rigidity in the wheelie bin body, poor resistance to UV and frost and inferior axles and wheels which are not suitable for large loads placed on them and which are therefore prone to failure.

When buying wheelie bins, the consumer is advised to always check that the wheelie bin is certified to the relevant British Standards and European specifications.