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Top Quality Local Authority Standard Wheelie Bins

Low Cost Wheelie Bins

Are you looking to buy low cost wheelie bins online? We believe that all our products listed here reflect some of the lowest price wheelie bins to buy online. We sell low cost wheelie bins for both domestic and commercial use, in a wide range of colours and sizes.  All wheelie bins advertised for sale on this site are manufactured to EN 840 standard which is the recognised European Standard for wheelie bins.  We sell everything from 80 Litre wheelie bins to 1100 litre wheelie bin dumpsters.

If you are unsure of what type of wheeled bin you need to purchase then please check directly with your local authority's refuse collection department.

We can only provide general information about low cost wheelie bin specifications and are unable to provide specific advice about local authority waste management and refuse collection policy.

Replacement Wheelie Bins

Many local authorities issue wheelie bins free of charge to residents to use for refuse collection and recycling use.  If your wheelie bin is damaged or stolen then please check with your local authority to see what their policy is with regards to replacements.  You may be able to obtain a replacement wheelie bin directly from your council free of charge or at least at a reduced cost. If your council won't issue you a free replacement then you may wish to buy wheelie bins online using our online store.

Normally if a bin is damaged because of a manufacturing defect or mishandling by the refuse collection workers while emptying it then your local authority will provide a replacement bin free of charge or at least offer you a free repair.  Council refuse disposal departments normally carry spares in order to repair wheelie bins, i.e replacement axles, lids, or wheels.

If your wheelie bin has been damaged due to negligence or misuse then it is likely that you will have to bear the cost of a replacement yourself.

Stolen Wheelie Bins

The theft of wheelie bins isn't exactly widespread.  Wheelie bins have little intrinsic value and the plastic that they are manufactured from is of little value as scrap material.  The main cause of wheelie bin theft is anti social behavior emanating from teenage pranksters.  Local authorities adopt different policies in regard to stolen bins and your council may insist that you buy a replacement bin yourself if yours is stolen. 

Council Wheelie Bins

Most of our customers are seeking to purchase or replace a domestic type wheeled bin as supplied by councils and local authorities for residential waste management and recycling use.  The most common size of wheelie bin issued by local authorities is the 240 Litre version as shown below.  

Before ordering a wheelie bin however please check with your local authority to determine the correct size to buy.

It is imperative that you ensure that your council's refuse disposal vehicles are able to handle the size of bin that you intend to purchase.  In most cases if you purchase the wrong size wheelie bin then your council will probably refuse to empty it.

RFID Chipping

An increasing number of local authorities are issuing wheelie bins that have RFID  (Radio Frequency Identification) chips installed, otherwise known as "Bin Bugs".  These RDFI chips allow the council to collect data about the amount of refuse each household is producing.  If you have more than one wheelie bin as most households do now for recycling purposes then this allows the local authority to build up a database of every household's quantity of domestic refuse produced and also to be able to produce a breakdown of these figures to determine the amount of rubbish each household is recycling as opposed to going to landfill.  RFID chips have been in use since around 2005.

So again to be compliant with your local authorities waste management policies please check with your council first before ordering a wheelie bin to see whether they allow privately purchased rubbish bins to be emptied by their refuse collection service. If your local authority is using RFID chipping then the chances are that you will have to purchase your bin directly from the council should your bin be stolen or otherwise damaged.

We have a huge range of wheelie bins for sale in our online wheelie bin store. All wheelie bins advertised on this site are high quality products manufactured in the UK or EU and conform to all British and European manufacturing standards. Unlike many inferior wheelie bins manufactured in the far east our wheelie bins are designed to provide years of problem free use and are designed to resist colour fading by UV sunlight.

All Wheelie bins for sale on this site are designed to resist chemical damage from liquid spills and have high strength axles designed to cope with rough handling and impact stress caused during collection & emptying. Wheelie bins for sale are the same type and manufactured to the same high standards as wheelie bins supplied to UK local authorities. Buy your wheelie bin online from use with confidence that you are buying a quality wheelie bin product that will provide years of quality service. Are you looking to buy black 240 Litre Wheelie bins? Our anthracite grey wheelie bins are a similar colour and are available by clicking the advert at the top right of this page.

Popular Wheelie Bin Sizes And Colours

Two wheel wheelie bins are available in a variety of sizes and colours. The capacity of these wheelie bins range from 80 Litres to 360 Litres. The size of wheelie bin generally supplied for domestic refuse collection by councils in the United Kingdom is usually 240 Litres, which should be capable of storing a weeks worth of waste for a typical family 4 member family.

Although there is no official colour coding scheme for wheelie bins within the United Kingdom it is generally accepted that green wheelie bins are used for garden waste while brown or black wheelie bins tend to be used for household refuse. Yellow wheelie bins are often used for clinical waste collection in hospitals and other biohazard applications. Four wheel wheelie bins are available in size from 500 Litres to 1100 Litres and are popular with establishments producing large amounts of commercial refuse.

Four wheel wheelie bins are available with either flat or dome top lids and are made from either plastic or metal. Four wheel wheelie bins can be fitted with drop down fronts. Four wheel wheelie bins are generally used for commercial waste collection from premises such as factories, food outlets or other business premises that produce significant amounts of waste material. Four wheel wheelie bins require dedicated lifting equipment installed on the refuse collection vehicle. Commercial wheelie bin users must pay a fee to have them emptied either by their local council or an independent commercial waste management company